How would the ability to easily and instantly access each satellite in your fleet – on demand – impact your LEO operation?

Situational awareness and control of satellite constellations are critical components of mission success – underpinning a fleet’s operational efficiency. Until now, control has been restricted, with operators dependent on scheduling ground station contacts in order to access their constellation. With IDRS, everything is changed – control is now available 24/7.

Instant impact with IDRS

IDRS allows the LEO satellite operator to monitor the satellite telemetry – in real-time and on- demand. Operators are now able to identify anomalies and respond to them in real-time, improving outcomes and IDRS allows LEO satellite constellation operators to streamline and simplify the way they manage and monitor their fleets – freed from the limitations of sporadic ground station scheduling. With IDRS, contact is constant – and so is control.

The wait is over

Connect with your LEO satellite constellation in real-time.

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