Can you afford to be disconnected from your in-orbit assets? What could you achieve with a robust, always on and on-demand connection to your LEO satellites?

Traditionally, LEO spacecraft have been suffering from a limited window of connectivity with ground infrastructure. As a result, their operational potential is throttled. Solving this issue by increasing ground infrastructure is problematic: installation and operation is expensive, and placement can be challenging.

Experience constant connectivity with IDRS.

IDRS offers an industry first – replacing patchy connection with always-on communication, ensuring that you can task, troubleshoot and talk to your satellite fleet regardless of where they are in relation to your ground stations.

IDRS offers real time connectivity using Inmarsat’s GEO Elera network. With mature and reliable ground and space infrastructure, IDRS allows LEO satellites to remain connected 24/7.

Continuity of connection

  • IP session continuity during rapid GEO satellite spot beam handovers
    • Spot-beam handover frequency every 2-3 minutes
    • No IP session interruption during spot beam handovers
  • Always-On
    • Terminal stays continuously connected within the coverage of the
    • GEO satellite footprint, ready to send and receive IP data.
    • Customer is charged by the subscribed monthly data plan, not by connection time.
  • Short interruption only during handovers between GEO satellites
    • A few seconds due to re-acquisition / registration (to BGAN network)
    • Assumes a fixed antenna (i.e. no repointing time)
  • Latency: 0.5 – 1.5 seconds end to end.
  • Secure end-to-end links compatible with user defined encryption
  • High availability / reliability provided by the BGAN communications network
    • Network availability better than 99.5% (dual gateway redundancy)
    • Link budget availability better than 99% (rate adapted air-interface keeps optimum link margin and maximum throughput)
  • Coverage varies with LEO orbital altitude and inclination
    • Typical - Forward link: 200 - 300 kbps; Return link: 96 – 250 kbps

The wait is over

Connect with your LEO satellite constellation in real-time.

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