IDRS – a revolution in LEO satellite operations.

The product of collaboration between flight hardware manufacturer and satcom solution provider Addvalue and Viasat, the world’s leading mobile satellite communications company, IDRS has streamlined the way satellite operators conduct operations with their low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

With IDRS on-board, satellite operators have access to on-demand, two-way IP-based links to all their assets, allowing them to respond to customer requirements and to operational anomalies quickly and effectively.

Developed by Addvalue.

Addvalue has worked with Viasat to develop a lightweight terminal suitable for deployment on a wide range of satellites, even within the sub-50 kg class. The combination of small form factor and low cost with always-on, real-time connectivity, makes the system perfect for carrying out telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) communications, as well as mission tasking, receiving mission data monitoring, identifying and resolving satellite anomalies and restoring operations.

Pictured: An image of Velox-II taken inside Addvalue’s Anechoic chamber

Pictured: Addvalue IDRS terminal (the payload) is placed within the vacuum chamber to create a thermal vacuum test condition simulating the space environment

Pictured: “An-echoic” also means non-echoing. Antenna is placed in a cone-like designed chamber for radiation pattern measurement. These "carbon-coated cones" work like sponges; as they “absorbs” the electromagnetic waves in the chamber.

Pictured: Not in proportion. This is an illustration of the Velox-II, a LEO satellite that weighs less than 12 kg, orbiting around the Earth. Addvalue IDRS is installed inside the Velox-II.

We believe our customers’ use of IDRS, with its unrivaled communications capability, will significantly improve operational efficiency of their multi-satellite low earth orbit constellations. We strongly believe IDRS will disrupt the way future commercial, governmental and research satellite constellations are operated

Dr Colin Chan - Board Chairman of Addvalue
28 June 2018

Powered By Viasat

IDRS is powered by the world’s most reliable, resilient and technologically advanced L-band satellite network – Viasat ELERA. The award-winning fleet of I-4 geostationary satellites established the world’s first global 3G mobile Network. Today, ELERA offers the most reliable global mobile satellite network at the fastest L-band speeds available to customers, and will soon be underpinned by the world’s most sophisticated commercial satellites ever built, I-6 F1 and F2.

This service enables the constellation to be controlled and to transfer mission data via Viasat’s global geostationary satellite communications network, wherever and whenever required. This will help low earth orbit satellite operators to achieve their mission more effectively and will broaden the capability that they will be able to offer their users. What’s even more exciting is that this is only the first of a set of potential commercial and research missions appropriate for the IDRS service.

Todd McDonell - Vice President of Global Government at Viasat
28 June 2018