What would the ability to proactively intervene with your LEO satellites’ onboard operations mean for your missions?

IDRS allows Earth Observation LEO satellite operators to update their satellite tasking plan in real-time, actively responding to time-critical observation requests. This shortens the time between the task order and corresponding data delivery, dramatically increasing the value of that data.

IDRS – Command without delay

When it comes to intervention in onboard operations, timing is everything. With IDRS, time-sensitive commands can be given in real-time, achieving more precise control and better outcomes.

Commands can be ad hoc or autonomous actions that the satellite is programmed to take as it processes time-sensitive data and relays situational awareness back to ground control.

Applications include

  • Surveillance missions
  • Earth Observation missions
    • Optical
    • SAR
    • Hyperspectral data
  • Weather monitoring missions

Advantageous commanding via IDRS be ad hoc, autonomous or conditional, for example, linked to telemetric status. This might include timely awareness of electronic or mechanical health status for appropriate intervention, or battery level status monitoring for timely intervention to conduct solar power harnessing.

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