The ability of Synspective Inc. to facilitate the urgent delivery of high-quality imagery in challenging disaster environments has been enhanced through IDRS – implemented over Inmarsat’s ELERA satellite network.

Wide-area, high-frequency earth observation in all conditions

Delivering Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite tasking orders in real time

Enabling rapid, better informed crisis response 24/7

Synspective is on track to establish a constellation of 30 SAR satellites by 2026. Delivering high frequency and high resolution, the satellites will provide data analytics and solution services that are especially effective for disaster risk management and resilience. The result is accurate, dependable wide-area earth observation 24/7 – regardless of weather conditions.

Helping to meet the need for consistent and on-demand data connection services, Addvalue’s groundbreaking IDRS solution will be helping to enhance and optimize the operational efficiency of the Synspective constellation – minimizing system response times to enhance crisis management.

We’re excited to be working with Addvalue to explore the possibilities opened up by its IDRS™ solution to strengthen our data services and deliver the fast response our customers need. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, high-quality data is required as quickly as possible. We believe that Addvalue’s IDRS™ can enhance the management, responsiveness and efficiency of our SAR satellites by delivering task orders and checking the status across our constellation.

Toshihiro Obata - Board Director and General Manager of Synspective’s Satellite System Development Department

Data freshness assured

A key objective for the Synspective SAR constellation is optimized data freshness. By enabling the delivery of tasking orders to Synspective satellites in real time, the integration of IDRS will dramatically reduce the interval between request and delivery of the SAR image – ensuring the high degree of accuracy needed to inform decision making in rapidly changing situations.

IDRS enables consistent, on-demand, 24/7 data connection services to LEO satellites, supporting mid-size data transfer at rates in excess of 200 Kbps in all orbital inclinations and at altitudes of up to 1000 km.